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Newkirk Electric Through the Years


Newkirk 1961 Newkirk Electric opened its doors in Flint, Michigan in 1961 as an "electrical systems specialist", and quickly developed capabilities in high voltage work to help Consumers Power Company build its power distribution/substation system throughout the state.


history newkirk electricOrignal Newkirk OfficeFrom there, Newkirk ventured into power plants and served as the primary electric contractor on many of the state’s largest power generation units starting with the award of the 1,872 MW Ludington Pumped Storage plant in 1968, at the time the largest civil construction project in the world. Other large power plant projects followed as Michigan built its base load generation units including the Palisades Nuclear Plant, the J.H. Campbell Plant (Unit 3), and the D.E. Karn Plant (Units 3 & 4).


karnNewkirk Electric continued to primarily serve as the electric contractor for substations and power plants throughout the 80s. During this time, Newkirk founded its engineering subsidiary, Theka Engineering Associates, becoming one of the few electrical contractors in the Midwest to offer true turnkey services for substations and industrial systems.


TelecommunicationsTelecommunicationsIn the 1990s, Newkirk entered the communications market, building radio towers and emergency communications systems. This marked the company’s foray into wireless communications infrastructure construction, a dedicated division of the company today.

2000 and beyond

Solar project complete in 2 weeksSolar project completed in 2 weeksDuring the last two decades, Newkirk has continued its history as a leader in the market by developing specialized services in the renewable energy sector. Newkirk has installed over 75 megawatts of solar power generation across the United States.The company is also very active in the wind, biomass, biofuel, hydroelectric, and landfill generation markets. Newkirk has also worked on many "industry firsts" such as a system developed to fuel the first cow-manure powered truck in the United States.

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