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February 2, 2017

Newkirk Electric's S.A.F.E. Program

SAFE logo


Staying Accident Free Everyday

In 2013, the Newkirk Electric Safety Department launched an important new initiative which has become the cornerstone of our Safety and Health program:  SAFE – Staying Accident Free Everyday.

SAFE is built on the overall objective to include safety into our daily lives. SAFE is not just about remaining accident free.  SAFE is educating on risk, identifying ways to improve and involves everyone.  SAFE does not just happen on the job, or when performing a given task.  SAFE starts at the beginning.  Where is the beginning?  The beginning is when employees are hired.  The beginning is when a project is being bid.  The beginning is when the job is awarded.  The beginning is when the project management is scheduling work.  The beginning is when materials are being ordered, delivered and transported. The beginning is when the actual work begins.  Each employee is involved in some part of “the beginning”.

Planning, communication, training, focus and accountability are the key components to SAFE.  Newkirk Electric is one of the leading electrical contractors in the industry.  We are elevating our standards to improve safety, and to meet our customers’ requirements.  This demonstrates our commitment to keeping us SAFE. 

Some of the features of the SAFE program include:

  • Standardized forms and Toolbox Talk topics will be available online
  • Incident Reporting will be available online
  • Monthly Foreman’s Conference Call to review best practices
  • Incident Investigation including review and prevention planning with involved employees and managers
  • Annual Training plans specific to each Division
  • News and Knowledge section on Newkirk website and other social media containing safety topics and educational materials
  • SAFE logo will become part of standard issue PPE and related communications

SAFE will become a part of each employee’s daily process.  Making a commitment to plan, communicate, train, stay focused on working safe, and hold each other accountable will continue to drive Newkirk forward in the industry. 

SAFE – It involves everyone from top to bottom; from beginning to end.

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