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December 4, 2012

Eye on Safety

Eye protection varies depending on the job. For example, is eye protection required in addition to wearing a welding helmet? In many cases yes, both a helmet (includes face shield) and eye protection are needed. The best answer for your situation will depend on your hazard assesment for the PPE required under OSHA's PPE rule at 29 CFR 1910, 132.

OSHA has provided nonmandatory guidance for determining when helmets and face shields should be used with primary eye protection. Scroll down to the Eye and Face Protection Selection Chart and read the appropriate Notes to Eye and Face Protection Selection Chart.

OSHA states in its guidance that face shields alone do not protect employees from impact hazards. Face shields may be used in combination with safety goggles or spectacles by employees working with such molten metal and heat hazards as sparks.

Some OSHA rules require eye protection (e.g., special goggles) under all circumstances. For example, when using lasers you must provide safety goggles specifially designed to protect the employee's eyes from the specific intensity of light produced by the laser.

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Source: Brown and Brown of Michigan-Safety Newsletter

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