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Electrical Engineer (BSEE)

Engineering Tech (BSEET/EET) – Muskegon, MI

Position Summary

Theka Engineering, a subsidiary of Newkirk Electric, is seeking qualified candidates for full-time Electrical Engineers and Engineering Techs at an industrial and utility level.  Projects include power system design, gas fueled engine control, general plant control, safety monitoring and system design.  Participate in the conceptual development of a project, cost estimating, overall project organization, scheduling, implementation, and startup/troubleshooting.  Contributing to a team environment, utilizing shared resources, and operating in an efficient and organized manner are all aspects expected of this position.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Job duties include controls development, power system design, schematic generating, control panel design, and interfacing to multiple control systems.
  • Specify equipment using current build standards and expected level of delivered product.
  • Create material and labor estimates for a project.  
  • Create panel designs including schematics, wire diagrams, panel layout, and budgeting to perform all tasks in a structured and reliable manner.
  • Create field installation instructions, drawings, and schedules to integrate system designs.
  • Commission systems designed by working with field personnel and outside vendors.
  • Accountable for maintaining customer relationships, integrating project needs within a budget, and controlling a project from conception to completion.
  • Troubleshoot installed systems to maintain operational status of customer equipment.
  • Modify installed systems to incorporate desired features or changes. 
  • Responsibilities include organizing, planning, documenting, and prioritizing work in an efficient manner while working in a team-based environment.

Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills

  • Expected qualifications are either a BSEE level or highly skilled EET level. This position includes college graduates with no field work experience and applicants with up to 10 years of related experience.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft office products including Word, Excel, Project, and Outlook.
  • Ability to communicate clearly with customers, supervisors, and peers.  
  • Leadership, problem solving, logic progression, math, budgeting, attention to detail, and marketing skill are highly sought after traits of the applicant.

Competitive salary and benefit package. 

Please send a cover letter and your resume to

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