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With over 50 installations nationwide, Newkirk Electric has built a trusted expertise in biomass and landfill generation/cogeneration over the past 25 years. Newkirk and it’s engineering group provides complete biomass waste burning plants. Services include designing, building and commissioning systems that convert landfill methane gas to electricity to provide power for the plant or to be redirected for utility distribution. Frequently, the design-build team provides utility interconnect services for the customer. Typical landfill projects include compressors, blowers, battery chargers, switchgear, engine controls, power, lighting and utility interconnection substation.

Scenic View Dairy Anaerobic Digester Engine Generation

Market: Biomass/Biofuels
Location: Freeport/Fennville, Michigan
Role: Design-Build Contractor (Engineer/Construction)

Design-build of agricultural waste-to-energy cogeneration system

Hilarides Dairy Biofuel Upgrade Unit

Market: Biomass/Biofuels
Location: Lindsay, California
Role: Design-Build Contractor (Engineer/Construction)

Design-build of biogas upgrading skid

Flint Wastewater Solid Waste to Energy Plant

Market: Biomass/Biofuels
Location: Flint, Michigan
Role: Electrical Contractor

Construction for solid waste to energy power plant

Grayling and Genesee Biomass Power Stations

Market: Biomass/Biofuels
Location: Grayling and Flint, MI
Role: Primary Electrical Contractor

Construction of new 35/36MW biomass power plants

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