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Hydro Power

Hydroelectric power was Newkirk Electric's first foray into the renewable energy market over 40 years ago.  In 1969, Newkirk was awarded the Ludington Pumped Storage project – 1,872MW hydroelectric power storage facility – as prime electrical contractor.  At its completion, the project was the largest of its kind in the world and was named one of Michigan's "Top 10" civil engineering projects of the 20th century (Michigan Society of Civil Engineers). 

Since then, Newkirk Electric has performed work on numerous renewable hydroelectric dams across the U.S. performing electrical installations and designing and installing the complete controls for the plants.  In Michigan, Newkirk has worked on virtually all of Consumers Energy's 13 hydro dams across the state.

Hardy Dam Unit 3 Turbine Upgrade

Market: Hydro
Location: Newaygo, Michigan
Role: Primary Electrical Contractor

Electrical upgrades to 33kw hydro power plant

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