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Newkirk Electric has been a general contractor and subcontractor of turnkey cellular and radio tower infrastructure for over 30 years. With our own in-house civil, electrical and tower crews, and large inventory of tools and equipment, we self-perform over 90% of our work.

The experienced team offers complete services including civil, electrical, tower stacking, antenna and line, RF testing, electrical load testing and a full range of electrical testing. Our crews are equipped with the latest model Anrizu sweep testing and Kaelus Summitek PIM testing gear. Newkirk provides long-term site maintenance programs as well. The team constructs all types of communication sites –– raw land, co-locations, roof top and water tower – and excels in its ability to quickly mobilize large numbers of crews across the country for critical path, multi-site build-outs.

  • 30 Years of Cellular and Radio Tower Experience
  • Thousands of Cellular Site Installations Spanning the U.S.
  • Individual to Multi-Site Build-outs
  • Single-Source Maintenance and Testing Programs
  • Latest model Anrizu Sweep Testing and Kaelus Summitek PIM Testing Equipment
  • Turnkey Installations
    • Civil
    • Electrical
    • Tower Modifications
    • Tower Stacking
    • Antenna and Line Installation

Metro PCS Detroit Build Out

Market: Telecommunications
Location: Detroit, Michigan and outlying areas
Role: General Contractor – Self Perform

Turnkey construction of 200 new cellular sites

Cingular Integration Tennessee

Market: Telecommunications
Location: Statewide, Tennessee
Role: General Contractor – Self Perform

Electrical installation for 193 cell sites in Tennessee

Consumers Energy Emergency Communications System

Market: Telecommunications
Location: Statewide, Michigan
Role: General Contractor – Self Perform

Construction of 67 cellular communication sites

Bechtel AT&T 4G RF LTE Installations

Market: Telecommunications
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Role: General Contractor – Self Perform

4G RF LTE Installations

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