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Commitment to Safety

Safety Commitment Statement
Each person who works at Newkirk Electric Associates, Inc. (NEAI) is important. Our success with Customers, and consequently the overall success of this business, depends upon the individual--his or her personal skills, energies and contributions. Because we are united in achieving success, we are concerned and supportive of each other.

NEAI strives to provide a safe and healthful workplace by subscribing to these principles:

  • Incidents can be prevented through implementation of effective safety and health control policies and processes.
  • Safety and health controls are major parts of our daily work.
  • Incident prevention is good business. It increases productivity and minimizes human suffering.
  • Management is responsible for providing a reasonable and safe workplace for employees.
  • Employees are responsible for following safe work practices, NEAI and customer rules, and for preventing incidents.
  • Management must monitor NEAI safety performance, working environment and conditions to ensure that safety objectives are achieved.
  • Our safety process requires the participation of all employees -- to improve safety awareness, and to prevent injuries.

Your involvement, cooperation and personal commitment to safety are essential. Keeping a safe workplace is a team effort. We need you on this team. NEAI welcomes any helpful comments.

Together, we can make the difference. Together, we CAN prevent injuries. We must work, every minute of every hour of every working day, to keep each other safe in the workplace.

Ted Anton, President

Download the Commitment to Safety Letter.

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